What the fuck year is it anyway? I’ll tell you what year, you jerk. It just so happens to be Tube2012 and that is apparently the year it will goddam stay!

I guess that was four years after the big economic crash of 2008. I don’t even remember that shit. Was it even real? I think the Americans had some baller for a president. Everyone said he was black, but that’s bullshit. He mother was a crudshark or something, which made the el presidente interracial all over the place.

And he was so full of shit it was unbelievable. He talked about hope and change or something to that effect. It was exactly the same creampie pablum that everyone else said and always says. Oh, but he’s the fake black man, so we will all follow him into the depths of a tornado of big black cocks! Such silliness and nonsense. He never even did anything. He just showed up once in a while and showed his BBC to everyone and then he left. Even so, he won another election in Tube2012 against some other weirdo. big surprise it!

At Pornflix69 we don’t even care who the president of Venezuela is or what year it might have been. Does anyone really remember about such laughable cartoon days? The night sky was dark and black as a fake black American el presidente and there were no stars except for the moon. Ted Turner colorized that shit just in time too. Boom.