The only way to do this stuff super quickly is to have a good sleep first. Then make some delicious and very green matcha tea to drink. The ceremonial grade tea from Japan of course! Made by Japanese porn stars. It’s much better for you than coffee anyway. No jitters and no crash.

Then I have to have no distractions. Things like CNN and redwap and new laughable videos uploaded from people like Troy Parfitt. Then you have to put on headphone and listen to the binaural juicy beats like a motherfucker. It sounds like some kind of cheap movie sound effect. But it supposedly tricks your brain into assuming some type of action.

So you obviously would not be listening to the sleep binaural beats while trying to tap out this incredibly long boring stuff. No sir, you need to the beat for concentration. And it really works. I don’t understand it. It’s like a brain hack I guess. Physics and electricity. Speaking of which, that’s all jerking off is. You see porn or pron or even pr0n and your big black cock cums to life like a light bulb.

Fap, fap, fap redwap is all electrical too, just muscles going back and forth until the semen is ready to squirt out of your cock and onto your laptop that you just bought for $1800. Then what you can do? Take it to the repair man? He or she will laugh in your fucking face. So always just remember to redwap that puppy for maximum protection from the AIDS and the disgusting bullcraps!