Is this some kind of new prince of darkness porn site? It seems inconceivable to me that I have so many coffee cups laying around the living room today. To whom do these stupid ceramic things even belong to? I don’t even know which category they should go in. Maybe they belong to this Ozeex guy. I guess I should ask him to find it out as soon as I can it!

The table is a medium size rectangle about two feet by four feet, which is some kind of ratio. The ratio itself might be two to one, or one to two, or even two to four. But there is a carpet underneath which is very good for ambient noise absorption but not good at all for keeping the desk steady. It is not very steady at all and sometimes it can fall over and go off the cliff.

The five or six cardboard boxes under the bench outside are wet because Amazon left them in the rain. You can have a threesome pick them up with their pussies! Bring the boxes to you so you can smell the filthy pussy juice all over everything. Then you can jerk yourself ten times on Ozeex if you like it.

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